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Well-being Awards 2018

The Ruminant Well-being Awards will be granted at the next World Buiatrics Congress to be held in Sapporo, Japan in August 2018. This time, two different awards will be offered: a Ruminant Well-being Research Award and a Ruminant Well-being Achievement Award. With these awards, the WAB and Boehringer Ingelheim aim to raise public awareness on ruminant well-being. READ MORE

2017 FAWB Forum

At the 10th anniversary Boehringer Ingelheim Expert Forum on Farm Animal Well-Being in Rome on June 8 and 9, the company invited a multinational, multidisciplinary group to share ideas on promoting better standards of welfare for livestock all around the world. This 10th annual meeting offers a timely opportunity to review the progress made over the past decade in our understanding of how to improve the lives of farm livestock - and look forward to where these scientific advances will take us next. READ MORE



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